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Gen Con 2017 - 50th anniversary

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Cory Magel:
There should be a handful based on previous years.  Hopefully some people here that are planning on running will speak up so you can look out for their events when registration gets close.

I will likely be running some RM games.  I missed last year (needed to put a new roof on my house and had too many other things going on), but ran six sessions each of the previous two years.  Hoping to run at least 6 sessions this year also, if time permits with other stuff that I'll have going on. 

i will be there and wanting to run and play in any and all rolemaster games.

mark 8)

According to the newsletter ICE will be at Gencon this year! The first time in I'm not sure how long.
I hope they have a booth and are ready for the intensity of this con.

This changes my plans of not going this year.
But I will probably not be able to get there until Thursday night due to work and needing to make
Unfortunately I will not actually be able to do anything until Friday morning.

Hopefully ICE will set up a meet and great somewhere. Which reminds me, does anyone who is going want to set up a lunch or dinner date?


Old Man:

Yes on the booth - see various announcements. A maybe for my wife and me on a meet and greet. Let us know.

Old Man


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