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Gen Con 2017 - 50th anniversary

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Wow, that'd be great!  Thanks!

Hi David,

I just PM-ed you. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Colin,I only ended up registering to run three Rolemaster games this year (instead of 6 like the previous years), but with working in the Pointy Hat Games and Iron Crown booth, figured I better not over do the GMing time commitment.

Let me know if you want to offer some sort of support as in past years for those who participate in the games.  But be warned that for some reason the forums have not been emailing me notices about posts to threads or private messages for more than a year now (and I have checked my "subscription settings" already and things look okay there).

Well, it's only a single 4-hour session but I am very excited to be running Rolemaster at GenCon this year.  I've set the scenario in the world of Steven Erikson's "Malazan Book of the Fallen" (very much worth looking into if you aren't familiar with it) and will be using Rolemaster Classic rules with 10th level pregen characters.  I haven't run RMC since it was still just RM2 and have almost certainly set myself up for some degree of disaster, but I advertised it as a "no experience needed" game in the hopes of recruiting some new players. 

I am very excited to run what I have written.  If anyone is interested in the material once I've got it polished up, I can provide it to whoever might want it.


Here is the event:


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