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I also posted this in the RM2 forum but I felt it was relevant to also post it here since it is about a convention. :)

For anyone who is interested, I will be running an RM2 game at BrigadeCon. It will be set in Harn. BrigadeCon is an online convention. I highly encourage you all to check it out.

You can register for the game here:

Feel free to offer my any comments or feedback about the proposed game.


Brigadecon's hours are horrible for me, unfortunately. I was thinking of participating until I looked them up.

Given that I am on Pacific time I completely understand. I am actually going to try and do three events maybe even four. Two I am running so I have no choice there. :D

My first event starts at 5am-9am PST ! Then I am running a panel at 9am-1pm, then running a game at 1pm - 5pm, and if I am still alive, I will play a final event at 5pm-9pm.

In any case, I am going to drink a LOT of coffee and sleep a lot on Sunday! haha!


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