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HATE OSR CON ONE 24th September 2016 London

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I should be running a Rolemaster Classic game...lots of other good stuff going on...

Just signed up for Hate !


I'm just about to start building and printing  the pre gens for the game, any preferences as to what you want to play. I'm planning to lift the NPC's from the  "Rolemaster Heroes and Rogues"

there are still a couple of free spaces left

one space left for this saturday

 Well the game happened successfully 4 people who had never played Rolemaster before enjoyed 7 hours of play and they all wanted to keep their character sheets as souvenirs  at the end of the game.  A lot of the credit must go to the Combat Minion app which I was running on a £50 kindle fire and kept he game running smoothly without the players having to add two digit numbers together or use the rather intimidating Rolemaster combat charts


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