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Nuke-Con, Omaha NE, 2+ Sessions

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I'm purposefully posting way ahead of the event, so reserve that time if you're interested!

Nuke-Con made some changes to goals and structures last year and it seemed to really serve us well. Attendance was up and new initiatives were greeted with enthusiasm.

My plan remains the same this year as last year, just one chapter further into the larger narrative. On Friday I will run Chapter 2, which debuted last year. On Saturday I will debut Chapter 3. Chapter 1 will have no presence at Nuke-Con this year, though I hope to get gm prep work done and then start messing around with running the game on-line.

I am still considering running a very combat-centered and simplistic rpg session, perhaps RM or maybe not, or I might just run some boardgames. This all depends on what kind of time I need to put in actually working the con.

Success and Luck!


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