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Nuke-Con, Omaha NE, 2+ Sessions

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I will be running at least 2 sessions. I will be running the same session I ran last year on Friday and then the following part of the story on Saturday. I may run a plot-thin dungeon crawl, but I'll have to see how my schedule looks.

Whole weekend registration is $30, pretty cheap really.

Darn, too far for a day trip and I just burned my Spring gaming budget on a  trip to the MtG GP in New Mexico.


I registered my events a couple weeks ago, and it is just the two RMU games. The session I ran last year should be on Friday night, and the new session (takes place approximately a month after the prior) should be on Saturday.
The actual schedule isn't out yet, that's why I say "should". But the scheduler knows that they are supposed to be in sequence.

Schedule is out!

Both sessions were a hit with the players. I only had 3 for part 1 on Friday and 4 for part 2 on Saturday, but 2 players in both(1 my wife.) Most of the players (not wife) had very little and old experience with ICE (Spacemaster, MERP...) over 2 decades ago, or none at all. The guy who was in both sessions had no experience, and I know him from work and boardgaming.

I am going to be changing my structure up a bit. Nuke-con runs 1.5hr slots, so an rpg need to be 3 hours or risk player commitment/interest by claiming 3 slots(4.5hrs.) So instead of designing 3 conflicts--an intro combat, a moderate combat, and a 'boss' combat--with spanning rp scenes into just 2(intro and boss) with interlacing rp scenes. I'll also be slimming down the pre-gen PCs. So far I have been using my typical PC char sheets in order to give players a full example of what Rolemaster is. After last year I had considered using Creature Law's archetypes & levels to create PCs, but I forgot until I was 90% done with making full characters.  :o I think instead I will go for something in between and just display my full char sheet after the session has concluded to anyone with interest.


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