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Hey there!

A bricks & mortar store has opened up recently, about 20 minutes' walk from my home, called IRL Games. They have a facebook page, and they are currently running the following sessions after hours: (Wednesday) D&D 5E (2 DMs, including myself); (Thursday) boardgames; (Friday) Magic the Gathering; (Saturday) Magic the Gathering Modern.

I am slowly preparing a proposal for a regular RMU session &/0r a regular HARP session on the weekends, and I wanted to not only get word out about them but also to help get word out among our contacts that the shop is open for business.

 In the future you should ask for permission to plug a game store that is not running a RM game.

 You can plug games in the gamer section without too many problem though.

P.S. Your post may get removed by a higher moderator than me, so be prepared if it disappears suddenly.


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