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Earning points - What counts?

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I know running games and promoting ICE products counts towards points. But what about other things?
Here is a list of several things that should earn some points:
1. Creating character sheets for download.
2. Creating automated character sheets.
3. Creating adventures for ICE games.
4. Writing the script for other programs. For example I am in the process of creating the Treasure tables from the HARP Fantasy book in NBOS's Inspiration Pad Pro. The PC version is free (the Android App costs like $1.60), I am creating the tables so they will work in both the PC and Android versions. I may also eventually get to work on the Hero Lab character sheet for HARP, but that is a difficult learning curve. I may actually attempt to do this in NBOS's free character sheet maker (it uses Javascript). I am currently nearing the completion of the PDF HARP Fantasy automated character generator (uses Acroscript, an enhanced version of Javascript).
5. Re-developing the characters currently in the Vault for the (revised) HARP rules.
Please note I am talking about official rules stuff that would be available for DL in the Vault.


 I would also PM Colin with your questions above as they are good ones, IMHO.

Thom @ ICE:
Here are just some of the opportunities to earn points.

* Running a Demo Session - 40 DP per session that you run
* Demo Session Referrals - 30 DP for each new member that joins up on the ICE Forums, completes a new Member Form and references your Demo
* ICE Forum Referrals - 10 DP for each new member to the ICE Forums who completes a new Member Form and credits you for the referral
* Product Reviews - 10 DP for each product review you post in a blog, forum or at one of the OneBookShelf stores ( or
* ICE Articles - 5 DP for each article related to an ICE Game or Setting published in an Industry Newsletter, e-zine or hardcopy (Including The Guild Companion)
* ICE Contests - 5 DP for each contest submittal during an ICE Contest Playtesting Products – 30 DP when you actively participate in the playtest of a new ICE product and provide useful feedback (upon ICE request only)

In response to your specific inquiries -

* Character Sheets for Download would be equivalent to ICE Contest submittals (5DP for each one).
* Automated Character Sheets (10DP for each one).
* Adventures could be anywhere evaluated as anywhere between a short filler adventure (5DP) up to a full and complete adventure (40DP) - and good enough quality could lead to even more including possible publication.
* Scripts for other programs - key issue here is IP control.  I strongly recommend you review these projects with John Seal ( before you do too much with them.  Anything that is charged for must be licensed, and some freebies may not be permitted.
* Updating previously submitted material - probably 5DP for each assuming it is simply characters or static character sheets... updating an automated character sheet would be 10DP, updating an adventure would be similar to submitting a new adventure.A few key things to keep in mind on this...
* We request that you highlight activities you are doing.  We could try to identify awards ourselves, but if we miss something we'd feel bad about it - so we put the responsibility on you because you know what you are doing. :)
* If you have activities from earlier this year that you have done but did not credit for, please let me know and I'll review it to see if we can give credit.
* If there are other things that you are doing that contribute to ICE and you'd like credit for, feel free to send an email to and we'll review it and get back to you.
* Finally - keep in mind that ICE is continuously keeping our eyes open for fresh, new talent to help with open projects.  If you are submitting a lot of adventures or developing sample characters, etc. then you may be noticed and asked to contribute.  So if you are interested in doing some freelance work for a game you love - and actually get paid for your efforts, there is no better way to start than to be an actively contributing member of the OIC.

And then will they be tallyed on our forum header lol

Thom @ ICE:
Yes - and I just credited you the 10DP for your reference...  :)


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