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Necronomicon, Fl - Anyone going?


Esteemed members of the Order of the Iron Crown, we have been contacted by Necronomicon, Fl and wanted to know if anyone lived in the area and was thinking of attending the event or running a game at it?

More information on the convention can be found here:

We will put a shout out to see if anyone is attending any of the conventions that get in touch but if you are interested in running a game at a convention or a local store, please get in touch using the email address on:

Long live the Iron Crown!

Wish I would have seen this two months ago.  I ran a few Pathfinder Society scenarios at the con, but am so burned out on PFS and D&D in general.

Next year.

Same here as a gamer my loyalty has always well since the mid 80's been with Rolemaster.  I am bored to death with the cookie cutter pap they term roleplaying.  we need an outlet.


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