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Spell Law Categories


Thom @ ICE:
As we wrap up the Arms Law story round, we now open the door for the Spell Law competition round....

For the next 5 weeks we'll be awarding prizes for the best stories in the following five categories.
Week 1 - 9/17 Award - Channeling Spell Story
Week 2 - 9/24 Award - Essence Spell Story
Week 3 - 10/1 Award - Mentalism Spell Story
Week 4 - 10/8 Award - Hybrid or Spell Mastery Story
Week 5 - 10/15 Award - Best of the Rest...

So share your experiences with us....

What would an experience with a particular magical herb go under?

I'd probably group that in Week 5.

Thom @ ICE:
We had about a month away to allow for playtesting of RM and we hope you are enjoying it, but by now you're probably ready for some inspirational tales.

So this week (Ending on Halloween).... the contest is for the best scary story filled with lots of magic.  Bring it on...


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