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Thom @ ICE:
I had originally written...

--- Quote from: Thom @ ICE on August 12, 2012, 07:59:25 PM ---In Week 2, we're looking for how fumbles have impacted your Rolemaster/Spacemaster games.

And a look ahead will focus on:
* Comedic Value - Week 3
* Best Post in a Non-Standard Fantasy Setting (Oriental, Sci-Fi, Modern, etc.) - Week 4
* Open Submittal for Best Post - Week 5

Keep the stories coming... and note that you can submit more than one story.

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately, judging in Week 2 combined Fumbles and Comedic Value.  Week 3 was just announced in non-standard Fantasy Setting.

So for Week 4....  Give us something different... Fantasy Setting, but something special and different for the weapon, the combat or the result....

Week 5 will wrap up Arms Law Submissions with the most entertaining post in any category that has not already won.  Keep them coming.....  the stories are great!!!


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