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Thom @ ICE:
We can discuss the details offline via email.
I'll highlight this information to the ICE team and then contact you.

Thank you Thom.

Oh Thom, have you gotten any word back yet from them?

Thom @ ICE:
Info on it's way....

I'm going to start working on game to run at U-Con, in the Thiefverse (original trilogy, NuThief required reading between the lines), and I plan on using whatever version HARP Fantasy is considered, given the dislike of the term "edition" on the updates. Already building a list of characters:

Garrett, naturally
Erin (no relation to the one in the reboot except the name)
One of Those Two Guards (2 character sheets, the guards who both keep getting fired after Garrett robs the place blind yet somehow still keep getting hired)
a Hammerite
a Pagan


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