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I just found this thread and I would be VERY interested in helping spread the joys and goodness of the ICE line. I'm in Denver Metro area and have custom worlds for both RMC/RM2 and SM/CS.
Will have to see what's coming up on the local schedule. Will shoot you an e'mail soon Thom!

Now that I have a functional printer again, I will start reworking ideas for that ThiefVerse game.

Or anyone for that matter. I asked and you said (via email) you were going to send some physical books to me for a HARP SF demo I was planning on running. I have yet to run the demo because I haven't heard anything from ICE at all, no books. You originally sent me some discount coupons (haven't used them yet) but we discussed it and you were supposed to send me a small prize package of physical books. I have people interested in playing the SF demo but no prize books to hand out. I have emailed you and have not received any replies about this. Please let me know something like if you can still do this or not.



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