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Thom @ ICE:
If you are planning to attend a Gaming Convention or a Game Day, and you would be interested in running an ICE system session, please let us know. We're willing to help you with promotional prizes, and more....

Just contact me (via PM or email) at least 2 months before the event so we can work out the details of what you need and how we can assist you.

I am not sure if this is still a go or not as this thread is old but here goes:
Thom, I had planned and set up a game day at the local game store here around last October. I was supposed to get some kind of prizes to hand out but never received anything or got any contact with the guy who does the prizes. I ran a game any way and ended up running a regular game off of it. I was given limited time discount coupons for the PDF files for the players in my game, but no actual prizes.
I would still love to run an event at a different game store that has a much larger clientele of RPG gamers.
But would I actually get some support from ICE this time?


You might want to drop Thom a PM asking him the dame question as above.

Thom @ ICE:
my apologies if we missed sending something. It was most likely my error as that is one of my tasks  Please contact me via email with your details and I will see what I can do 

Hello Tom, I am the owner of Texicon.  I would love to have some prize support from you.  Sadly, we don't have any GMs running Role-Master or any other of I.C.E.'s great games.  Maybe, you could steer some GMs our way.  I am a firm believer in I.C.E.  But I am not sure it gets the attention it needs.

What I could use are some posters to decorate the halls AND after the con we would give them away.  We do have a poster hanging fee of $20 per poster.  However, if enough posters are sent, then we make every effort to keep one up and put it in a prominent location.  First come first served. 

I lieu of cash, we would be happy to take product at your cost.  Or at least at distributor rates.  This product we would use as give aways in our Game Wagon.  Also, we would be happy to have any product you would like for us to give away at our convention. 

Please contact me via email if you are interested in one or both of my proposals.

Thank you,

Kevin Pajak


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