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Who's Who in ICE products?


Just curious...does anyone have a decent "Who's Who" of all the major players over the years in the various ICE properties?  I know the companions in particular tended to have a lot of authors, but I'm curious who originally "invented" the Rolemaster system, etc.  I know Terry Amthor did Shadow World, and Robert Defendi did the latest Spacemaster (did he create the 1st Edition?), but don't really know the rest.

Marc R:
Pete Fenlon and Coleman Charlton generally get the lion's share of credit for RM2, MERP, RMSS and RMFRP, at least in the core rules, and in editing the supplements they didn't write.

There are a couple of articles on RPG.NET about ICE that you might find interesting:

That was actually a very interesting read.  Now it makes sense why "Level 20" was such a big deal in RM2 and SM2: it was based on the level in AD&D when a character essentially ascended (I think Lvl 21-30 even had it's own boxed set of rules in AD&D...).  I also never realized the volume of sales ICE was doing in the 80's (250-300k first-runs for MERP modules?!).

Yes, very interesting indeed.


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