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Prisoners of Cherin Keep Adventure Release Date

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PCK has been completed and is being sent out for review this morning...wish us luck! ;D You can check out the cover in the Artist Galley on page 2. Don't let the vultures on the front cover get you down, the keep is where the dead rest!


Good Luck.

I talked to Nicholas yesterday via email and he did recieve PCK last week. Based on the major company moves/transfers he has not had the chance to look it over, but we should hear from him soon.


Prisoners of Cherin Keep is going commercial!        
Harper's Forge is happy to announce that Guild Companion Publications is bringing Prisoners of Cherin Keep also known as "PCK" commercially to the masses. When Director of Harper's Forge, Dan O'Donnell, was asked about the product release he stated, "We are in contract with Nicholas Caldwell at GCP. All I can say about it at this time is that we promise you a fun mini adventure that will allow a GM to place PCs in a rather uncomfortable situation that most heroes are not accustomed to. When Nicholas contacted us about Prisoners and going commercially with it, we at HF felt it would be a great way to build a relationship with Nicholas and GCP. We know that GCP will represent the product in its truest form and put it in a medium that fans will enjoy." Though an official release date has not been set, readers can expect GCP and HF to keep them updated.
 ~Coleen Kelly

Good work everyone! Guild Adventure #1 was re-released with Prisoners of Cherin Keep as its new addition. You can Download it here

Now on to the next project...

Dan O'Donnell
(Director of Harpers Forge)


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