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--- Quote from: JohReh on March 04, 2010, 11:07:26 AM ---The page markc is referring to is page 87. The table that is missing is Table-23 Spoils of war.
It would be nice if that table was made available since it seems fairly important if you're running a military campaign.


--- End quote ---

 Welcome to the ICE Forums.
 And thanks for the page # as I have not had a chance to look at my friends copy since last time I posted.


Thanks for the welcoming words markc  :)



Jim Waters:
One more errata - On page 54 - table 15 it says a Sestertius is 3 as, yet both the other lines work out as 4as.
I've also noticed a few historical oddities, like Legion makeup is usually thought to be 10 Cohortes, each of 6 Centuries - but page 81 shows 6 Cohortes, each of 10 Centuries.  (Maybe to allow them to be commanded by the 6 Military Tribunes which are normally thought to not have been used to command sub-units of the Legion normally).

Apologies for this thread necro, but would it be possible to  post the Spoils of War table once again?

I hit the "quote" option in the post showing blank from March 5 and the old link shows up when I do that, but goes 404.

Thank you for any help!


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