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Angus mcbride arts


Has anyone good art file of Angus Mcbride Middle earth? I m searching for the fellowship artwork RPG cover.
Thx to all reply


Have you tried such things as Pinterest or similar ? I opened a browser window on Pinterest, typed "angus mcbride art" as search criteria, and got a full page of them. Apparently, he also did historical art.

One of the links went here : It might be useful for Middle-Earth artwork (there's a map with the location of the apparently 29 artwork he did for MERP, followed by images of the artwork.

Now if you need high-quality image files, I don't know.

He did a ton of historical art. Much of it was for Osprey books.

Side note: If you give regular image-generating AI the task to draw something in Angus McBride style, it does.


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