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Iron Crown Catalogs and Iron Crown Quarterly
« on: January 02, 2024, 11:14:24 PM »
In addition to the regular books for Rolemaster, Space Master, and Shadow World that I've been collecting, I've also been trying to gather as many of the ancillary publications that discussed things in real time, specifically Adventurer's Club, Iron Crown Quarterly, and the various seasonal product catalogs. I'm hoping I can fill in the gaps with at least knowledge of what exists, or even actual copies people would be willing to part with.

For Adventurer's Club, I've so far only focused on the expanded issues that also included Iron Crown content, issues #8-12. This group is complete.

For Iron Crown Quarterly, I've been able to track down either digital or physical copies of every issue except the following:

#5 (Back-to-School 1989)
#9 (GenCon 1990)
#11 (January 1991 - double-size final issue)

For the product catalogs, I've managed to get a good start, but the tricky part is that I don't know how many even exist. I'm less concerned about the early black-and-white catalogs (before the combined Arms Law & Claw Law and Character Law & Campaign Law editions), and instead have focused on the later full-color booklets. The ones I've acquired so far are as follows:

Spring 1987
Fall 1989
Summer 1990
Winter 1990
Winter 1991-92
1993 No. 1
1994 No. 2

The existence of 1994 No. 2 means that there would be a 1994 No. 1, so that's obvious, and I've seen a listing elsewhere for a Summer 1998 catalog. Also, the Summer 1990 catalog mentions that it was the second catalog printed in the last six months, so that would mean either a Winter 1989 or Spring 1990 catalog would also exist. Other than that, I'm blind for where I'm headed with this.

I'm hopeful people here can help me at least identify the missing pieces, if not also help me acquire them. Thanks.