Author Topic: In need of serious help with Combat Armor  (Read 88 times)

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In need of serious help with Combat Armor
« on: November 15, 2023, 08:45:00 AM »
I do not entirely understand how armor works in Sci Fi and need a little clarification.

Question 1: I assume that any suit can be integrated into any armor?
Question 2: I assume that I can have both kinetic and ablative enhancements added to any suit and/or armor?
Question 3: I assume that when I integrate a suit to Armor I add both values for DB, MP, CP and IV?
Question 4: I assume if I have armor with an integrated suit AND kinetic enhancements I add all values for DB, MP, CP, and IV together?

For Example: Full Combat Armor with Lesser Kinetic Enhancement
+90+40 for DB
-160+-60 for Unfitted Max Penalty
+10PP + 3PP for casting penalty
+5+5 for IV

If someone wants Combat Armor with an integrated space suit, and Kinetic and ablative Add on? My guess is you don't want to mix kinetic and ablative together as Kinetic seems to be a one hit and its done kind of deal unless I am mistaken.

Thank you!