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Other than the normal props used by almost every GM (maps, counters, mini-figures, etc.) what props do you guys use, or have seen be used, in gaming sessions?

For example, I once brought a soft, paper napkin to a session which confused everyone initially but was quickly forgotten about. And then when the players walked into a cave I said "this is what you hear" and slowly tore the napkin. I was told afterwards that this gave them goosebumps as they realized their characters were walking into spiderwebs.

Any other examples of unusual props?

Excellent idea!  The region my party is in now is loaded with giant spiders.  This will add to the experience.

While not odd, I've been using my 3d printer and color change filament to make some minis to show 'magical' stones, fountains, caves.

I do have a Dice Jail, Dice Dunce cap, and Plinth of Honour.  Then the dice just aren't rolling well, the player can opt to shame their dice with the dunce cap and if it persists, they can threaten to throw the dice into dice jail.  At the end of the session, the dice that rolled well are placed on the Plinth of Honour.

I was in the SCA for a couple of decades, so I always had clothes, period camping gear and swords on hand. Among other things, it was useful for showing a non-SCAer what a "tripod brazier" was.


--- Quote from: GrumpyOldFart on October 14, 2023, 10:10:57 AM was useful for showing a non-SCAer what a "tripod brazier" was.

--- End quote ---

[Googles 'tripod brazier']

Ah, yes. I wonder how easy it would be to make a few mini-version of those to hold battery-powered tea-lights. Adding them around the table might make for great atmosphere.


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