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I've finally started working on the Rolemaster Rome Companion that I have been planning for a while. I'm estimating a projected word count of 75 000 words, and have drafted, at present, just over 5880 words; I plan on having about 15 000 words of first draft ready by late Sunday (tomorrow) night.

At this point, I am not concentrating on system-specific data, so there will be a list of significant NPCs of the Augustan period, for example, but no stat blocks, skill listings, etcetera, saving them for latr (for example, in adventures, books of NPCs, etcetera).

I can note what I have sketched thus far:

* a detailed timeline of the life of Augustus
* expanded lists of wages, service costs and prices
* a list of Augustan-era notables
* an expanded list of deities and named spirits
* a reading list of secondary sources
I may add the following:

* a chapter on the priestly colleges
* a chapter on monstrum
* a list of languages of the ancient world
* and probably more: feel free to add requests, below
I expect to have the first draft ready in just under two months.


Xusha of Dhelos:
Personally I'd also find some notes on crime and punishment in the roman world useful.

Also the difference between citizenship and non citizenship.

Looking forward to it!

Do you plan on adding some adventures? I've always loved RM source books, but found they were sometimes a bit lacking in some adventures. It might be good to include some to get the characters started.

Agree on adventures. Outlaw was good in that respect. The Viking one was somewhat lacking, as were the Egyptian and pirates supplements.

Ice Dragon:
Hey, just wondering how things are going, it was a while ago ...


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