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I know that there are more reginal books in the works, but I was thinking it would be fun to sit down and brainstorm some of the potential companions and other additions to the Rolemaster Rome corpus.

For example: I'd like to see a supplement dedicated to the army, with detailed maps of sample camps, details of the career progression of an average soldier, details of punishments and other daily life aspects, as well as sample NPCs, adventure hooks, suggestions & guidelines for running an army campaign, timeline of military campaigns, and so forth.

I'd also like to see more detail of the various religions, with details to such topics as superstitio, omens, monstrum, etcetera, a very detailed listing of the gods and even suggestions for stats etcetera for when GMs want the gods to manifest & interact with the players.

Even something similar to a detailed C&M for the setting, with encounter tables keyed to the setting (where would one encounter a herring for example?).

So: what would you ideally like to see for the setting? What would make it a great place to game in?

I would like to see specifics on gladiatorial arenas and combat. A pure focus on the running, training and styles of fighting found in that era.
Whenever I introduced people to RM I always did a gladiatorial arena combat scenario. Needless to say they loved it and realised how lethal it was.

Sounds great; would you be interested also in stats for various creatures fought, if not found elsewhere in the RM material?

I guess stats for creatures would be helpful if they didn't already exist. Actually even if they were in other editions it would still be beneficial to have them grouped in a Rome companion or what have you.
Have a single edition with it all in one convenient book.

I've brought up the question of dedicated bestiaries in another thread.

What about, following on from a comment elsewhere about seeing spell lists unique to the setting, working on the magic system, so that there are spells and magic rituals fleshed out that are unique (so to speak) to the setting, and that reflect the sort of powers and abilities reputed to be possessed by Classical professions?


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