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Is there scope for a Rolemaster Rome Companion?

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What I have been doing lately is amassing background reading for my Rolemaster Rome campaign & planned supplements. I have over sixty books now, relating either in whole or part to Augustan Rome.

What I was wondering was this: if I find I have enough gaming material to make one or more "Rolemaster Rome Companion(s)", and if graham and Arion Games are interested in considering submissions, how interested would we players and GMs be in considering such proposed companions as sources for campaign materials & details? How would we feel about seeing more stuff to read and/or play with regarding the world, the setting, the regions, people, etcetera?

Ice Dragon:

It sounds like a good idee.
I would like a new Rome companionship with elements of fantasy, more like Ars Magica. But I do not know if this is what you want with the new companion

Ice Dragon

There is some scope for that already, however, would you be interested in more of a "generic" fantasy approach, a more "sword and sandal" approach, or more of a "mythological" approach?

Ice Dragon:
I'm more into mythical Europe/Rome, where sorcerers secretly doing magic and fairys, centaurs exist ...

Sounds good. If I get time I may look into exploring that for you.


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