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I thought I'd start up this thread to serve as a home for various bibliographies of books and other items, for players and GMs of Rolemaster Rome. That way, it would be possible to amass a number of useful lists of items that can serve as reference and other resources for campaigns and games.

I thought I'd start with the beginnings of a secondary bibliography that I started earlier today.

I've updated the earlier bibliography. The changes are as follows:

* I've changed the title & amended the preliminaries;
* the number of entries has been expanded;
* a focus on works dealing with Augustan Rome has been made;
* I've started listing non-English language works; &
* I've started listing selected English-language translations of primary sources.

Ice Dragon:

I like the Rome setting with a touch of fantasy,
A great book series (for inspiration) is writen by Scarrow Simon.

I hope that a new companion is coming, keep up the good work.

And exuse my poor english, i am from Sweden :-)

Ice Dragon,
 Welcome to the ICE Forums and thinks for the input.

Welcome, Ice Dragon! I have a very good friend in Sweden, a translator and authority on H. P. Lovecraft and Lord Dunsany. From which part of Sweden do you hail?


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