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Rolemaster / Re: Training Package Spell Lists for Protege
« Last post by Dreven1 on February 19, 2024, 08:19:18 AM »
I think this is my assumption (and the way I am going to handle it going forward) also.  Thank you JDale!
Rolemaster / Re: Essence and Empathy
« Last post by Thot on February 19, 2024, 05:48:46 AM »
It feels a little weird for RRs. Can you rationalize your way out of a spell effect? [...]

Sure you can. By reminding yourself what the objectively rational thoughts on the matter should be, you can shut yourself off from things trying to manipulate you. In fact, all kinds of persuasion are less likely to work when the person to be persuaded is better at reasoning, regardless of whether their original opinion was rational or not.
Rolemaster / Re: Essence and Empathy
« Last post by cdcooley on February 19, 2024, 01:59:09 AM »
I just read the new RMU definitions for the stats and I am not impressed, especially for the treatment of empathy which reduces its role in magic to simply an analogy for its more common "emotional awareness" meaning.

Empathy is definitely poorly named and that's been a long-standing problem, but in all prior editions the description is:  "The relationship of the character to the all-pervading force that is common to all things natural and is the basis of most things super-natural." It is perfectly clear that empathy is a measure of the characters ability to have relationships in general not just emotional ones.

For core skills in the original rules, empathy is only used for Runes and Staves/Wands, i.e the magic skills. And for the secondary skills it is a factor for Acting, Animal Healing, First Aid, Frenzy, Herding, Music, Public-Speaking, Sailing, Seduction, Trading, Trap-building, Weather-watching, and Wood-carving. Clearly many of those could benefit from having a good emotional awareness, but not things like Weather-watching or Trap-building. Based on how Empathy was actually used it clearly had a more general role about awareness of the world and not just of emotions. But in later editions, its use has gradually shifted to be more about emotions until in RMU that becomes its primary role.

My take on the three primary and three secondary stats are:

For Mentalism you need Presence to project your own will into the world and Self-Discipline to understand and master yourself first.

For Channeling you rely on Intuition to reveal the will of a patron deity and manifest it into the world along with Memory for the rules and rituals to stay in favor with that deity.

For Essence you need Empathy for the connection to manipulate the forces of the world and Reason to find the required relationships that need to be adjusted to achieve your goals.
Rolemaster / Re: Training Package Spell Lists for Protege
« Last post by jdale on February 18, 2024, 10:48:04 PM »
Unless Nicholas wants to comment on the original intent, we are just interpreting what it says. My feeling is that the list says training package spell lists because these lists are coming from a training package and, for purposes of calculating the cost of the TP, one must make some kind of assumption about the class of spell so it can have a defined cost. But as you note, most TP spell lists are linked to particular TPs which explicitly bars them here, and the explanatory text says "those normally available" which it seems to me rules out every other TP spell list too. Therefore the interpretation that they must be TP spell lists doesn't make a lot of sense, and what you are left with is the non-TP spell lists that a character can normally buy. That's my interpretation and why, but you can draw your own conclusions.
Rolemaster / Re: Copyrights for Rolemaster 2nd edition books
« Last post by jdale on February 18, 2024, 10:36:41 PM »
For any of the ICE products that are not currently available, it's because rights to some content reverted to some extent to the authors, resulting in no one having clear and complete copyright to the entire works. ICE has been trying to contact all the original authors so they can get those works back in print, and there's a thread about that here: 
Rolemaster / Copyrights for Rolemaster 2nd edition books
« Last post by Lars1444 on February 18, 2024, 08:15:54 PM »
Hi there.

Does anyone know who owns the copyrights for Rolemaster Companion II, III, IV....   and Rolemaster Arms Companion?
General Discussion / Re: Fate Points
« Last post by GrumpyOldFart on February 18, 2024, 05:57:22 PM »
This came me today while I as washing dishes:  Why not leave it up to the Dice gods?

Because a lucky player ends up with a buttload of Fate Points and spends them like they're going out of style.
General Discussion / Re: Fate Points
« Last post by Spectre771 on February 18, 2024, 04:38:08 PM »
This came me today while I as washing dishes:  Why not leave it up to the Dice gods?

GM rolls D8 or D10.  Players roll the same die.  Whoever matches the GM's roll gets a FP.

Alternatively:  GM rolls a die that is 1 or 2 greater than the number of players.  The players roll the next die size down.  There exists a possibility that no FP get awards that game.   1-3 Players, GM rolls D4 and players roll D3.  I have 4 players normally, players roll D4, I would roll D5.
Rolemaster / Re: RMC group in desperate need of offensive spell caster
« Last post by Dreven1 on February 18, 2024, 04:29:12 PM »
halfling high monk, stout halfling thief, and a dwarf fighter are still in need of an offensive spellcaster, or even a healer at this point, as the dwarf lost an ear this session to a ghoul strike.
Not sure if this would help, but the PC's should be allowed to hire a Lay Healer or Healer to fill in the Temp slot until a real player can join?  Just an idea that I use when my players all choose DPS or Tankytanky.
Rolemaster / Re: Training Package Spell Lists for Protege
« Last post by Dreven1 on February 18, 2024, 04:10:57 PM »
It says "Spell lists should usually be chosen from those normally available to the character." I read that as meaning any own base, open, or closed lists that the character could purchase. It doesn't have to be a training package spell list at all.
In the skill area where it shows the spell development points available to spend. It says "Spells * Own Realm TP Skill Category" and then underneath it reads "Choice of 2 or 3 spell lists".  This is what is so confusing, does it mean only TP spell lists or as you say any Open, Closed or Base already available to the profession/race of the character.
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