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Rolemaster / Re: Two Questions: Channeling & Control Lycanthropy
« Last post by jdale on Today at 06:34:01 PM »
The risk in the current incarnation is minimal, it's just going to be low efficiency if your skill is low. Within 100', in sight, and same realm, you are sending power and receiving power with +0 modifications. A +25 skill on average will result in 70% efficiency, and if both parties achieve that you end up transmitting 49% of what you wanted. That said, the moment when you are running out of power, that you in principle would consider transferring it, is when the inefficiency is going to be least acceptable, so I don't know. We've never used it in practice. I think if you want it to be useful, the best way would be to have an NPC willing to send power at a scheduled time to a particular place. If the NPC has a high skill, then the amount received depends mainly on the PC's skill bonus. It's also possible to channel power to an item, so in principle you could have an item capable of channeling back and then it becomes a form of storage.

In principle it could also be helpful for ritual, since you can receive more PP than you are otherwise capable of holding, and expending large amounts of power is good for a ritual bonus.

Rolemaster / Re: Two Questions: Channeling & Control Lycanthropy
« Last post by Hurin on Today at 05:09:07 PM »
Channeling is such a niche skill that I've never had any player use it. It is one that you have to really work to make useful.

I would like to see some discussion of how to make Lycanthropy viable in RMU, because we're at a point in the campaign where a character could become one, but I've always been hesitant to implement it because it seems so unstable and potentially unbalancing.
Rolemaster / Re: AT11 and 12
« Last post by Hurin on Today at 05:05:13 PM »
They are generally reserved for natural armor of certain creatures, such as dragons and wyverns. I don't think there is any way to make that armor, though certain spells or magical effects might give an effective AT 11 or 12.
RMC/RM2 / Re: Skill Rank Progression
« Last post by B Hanson on Today at 03:15:35 PM »
I've run 11 iterations of my 50th level adventure series: "Legends of Shadow World" and have blogged about our experience with 50th lvl adventuring.

With that said, I would offer some quick thoughts:

1. With skill rank bonuses leveling off at + 1/2 after 20 ranks, there is not much "skill bonus" difference in a 20th lvl character and a 30th or 40th level character.
2. We probably have used Rolemasters MERP and Shadow World's NPC's as a guide to power of high level NPC's. Terry did not build these by scratch--many are very overpowered and/or have items that highly inflate abilities.
3. Parrying becomes even more important at higher levels.
4. Many of the spells from 20th on are just "farther, harder, faster" or 1 target/level which doesn't really leverage power unless there are dozens of combatants (or hundreds). I found many high level spells were just cinematic without impacting actual game play. (thus one of the reasons for BASiL.)
5. Power multipliers really shift play balance at higher levels. I've mostly removed them from my rule set, but there you have it.

Rolemaster / AT11 and 12
« Last post by Widukind on Today at 02:50:15 PM »
How to create armor of AT 11 or 12. I didn't find anything in the Treasure Companion
RMC/RM2 / Re: Skill Rank Progression
« Last post by knasman on Today at 02:23:15 PM »
We come from different schools of RPGing
Fair enough! To each their own. I guess in your lingo, I was just trying to boost the "glass ceiling" a bit that is all. I really don't see, in the existing system, how a level 50 person vs a level 20 person would be a big deal (skill-wise a +15 difference) and I guess I have an issue with that idea.

I also agree spell list acquisition in RM is a bit crazy (if you use core rules as-is). So a level 10 fighter is a entirely made up of skills, but a mage of some kind can do like 100 different things both in and out of combat? It's very out of balance in my mind. We have homebrew rules to handle this that are off topic from this thread.

No, difficulties are not relative.
OK good to know. Sounds like you have a good approach and should stick with it. I like the idea of knowing the 50-50 point and will consider that going forward irrespective of the skill rank bonus discussion.

B Hanson,
We posted up our alternative skill rank bonus progression back in 2016?
Yet another blog post I missed! I'm sure one of many. I actually like that concept, the smooth build up then atrophy. I could see it being easy to move the "peak" of it if one wanted a higher level max level.

Sounds like the thread is concluded. There is no optional rule for what I'm looking for so I'll just do yet another homebrew and it will work out fine. Thanks for the responses!
Rolemaster / Re: Two Questions: Channeling & Control Lycanthropy
« Last post by pastaav on Today at 02:16:36 PM »
One of the big limits of the Channling skill as written IMHO is that very few spells from the Channling realm has self as range. Spending extra power points to cast a non self spellsm doesn't make much sense.

There is a possible use for low level clerics to channel their spells through a high level character to maginfy the effect, but this seldom apply to players who usally is of the same level. Possibly a high level cleric, could send spells to his minions at some predetermined location, but few players will have such a schedule. The skill as written is pretty much a NPC-only skill.

One possible way to make the channling skill much more useful to players is to relax who provides the power points for the spells. Having the cleric borrow power points from other players to give them spells is cool and makes it much more worthwhile to learn the skill.

Logically the first spell from Channels list should be cast by the cleric since he has not established contact with the other character, but I have found it works even better if it is up to the reciever if they want to cover the pp for the on or two of the involved spells.
RMC/RM2 / Re: Skill Rank Progression
« Last post by B Hanson on Today at 01:43:34 PM »
We posted up our alternative skill rank bonus progression back in 2016? It's sounds like it's the opposite from what you are trying to achieve though.
Rolemaster / Re: Two Questions: Channeling & Control Lycanthropy
« Last post by B Hanson on Today at 01:41:30 PM »
Wrote about our use of Channeling skill back in 2016:

But the big takeaway was no one had really used the Channeling RAW despite the number of pages in the rulebook given to it. I never got a chance to discuss this in depth with Terry, but I assume it was tied into their original ME campaign that drove RM development.
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