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Re: Fate Points
« Reply #20 on: March 02, 2024, 04:52:37 AM »

This is a great idea.  I may consider this.  It will keep the campaign going with the same PCs and keep a good continuity without having to introduce new PCs or the need to invent creative story lines as to why John Doe is now adventuring with the party out in the middle of the desert on today of all days just when the party needs another sword and board PC.

FP for NPCs.... oooooh that's mean but could be fun.  Why are the PCs the only ones on the planet blessed by Fate?  I may use this too.  Do you inform the party that the NPC is using a FP or that the NPC even has FPs?

id let my players know the enemy they r up against has FP and the number of fate points. Lets them be strategic about how to coordinate and encourages them to work together to defeat tough enemies and no this doesnt happen automatically because some players just charge in and swing. part of my job as GM is to give them tough choices... any deplete their resources so that those choices become even harder as they move through the adventure. Player: Should i use my fate point now or save it for whats coming? GM: make your choice.

I think this was mentioned earlier.  Would you allow a PC FP to cancel out an NPC FP?  I'm assuming no as that would break the spirit of FPs.
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Re: Fate Points
« Reply #21 on: March 04, 2024, 12:16:19 PM »
nope. they r more a defensive measure vs deadly crits made against ur character.