Author Topic: As mentioned at GenCon - Stranger Things  (Read 804 times)

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As mentioned at GenCon - Stranger Things
« on: August 15, 2023, 01:55:51 AM »
So I mentioned at GenCon that ICE had a brief cameo in Stranger Things. At the end of season 1 episode 8 (~41:15) Will is in his hospital bead and his brother brings him some things so he doesn't get bored. If you look at the back item in the box its and old Dragon Magazine and you will recognize the back cover is an ad for The Fellowship of the Ring game by ICE. Moreover as there is a timeline attached to the show - it starts on November 6th, 1983, that means this Dragon is either #77 (Oct '83) or  #78 (Nov '83).  True, it could be others, but it is proof that the show runners were good about the consistency of Stranger Things. Happy gaming all!

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Re: As mentioned at GenCon - Stranger Things
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2023, 09:05:39 PM »
Good eye!
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