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The Science of Magic
« on: December 31, 2021, 02:43:49 PM »
 In the RM universe Magic is a reality. It is studied, researched and practiced.

  As a reality, how is Magic defined? You do have predictable cause and effect. You have set procedures with measurable results and you have a framework of rules and conditions which determine what works and what doesn't work. While even if parameters are strictly followed, there is always a chance of an undesired result, which introduces probability, which drifts in the direction of quantum mechanics. At the moment, I'll try not to postulate on the theories of Erwin Schroedinger or Max Planck.
  One scource of my musings about magic has been through Japanese anime. Some series in the genre handle magic conventionally, as used in RPGs, examples include Goblin Slayer and Overlord.  Others put a considerable amount of thought into magic as a science as in the various alternate universes of the Fate series and The Irregular at Magic High School, where computers and other technology is used to calculate and enhance the use of magic.
  The artists and writers for anime have put considerable thought into their works, whether in real life science, magic and in theoretical physics (probably the most accurate portrayal of a space habitat being shown in Knights of Sidonia). What they do is introduce perspectives and concepts that I haven't considered and add to the possibilities and answers to various questions. They also have the obligation to their readers and viewers to make a plausible reality and appeal to their target audience...with teenaged girls taking showers. A-hem!
 What is the source of magic?
  Is there more than one source or is the same source used differently?
  Can magic be defined as the manipulation of energy?

  Thank you for your time. I invite all of you to add your thoughts and comments.

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Re: The Science of Magic
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2021, 06:03:35 PM »
All from the perspective of 'my little world'.

Generally Essence is using the basic energies of the universe.  Essentially manipulating various forms of matter.
Elementalists (a sub-profession) typically draw their power from the elements (or, rarely, the elemental planes) specifically.

Channeling is drawing power from other living entities. More commonly a large groups belief in something, less commonly a non-sentient life-form such as a forest.
So the more people believe war is the answer to their problem, the stronger the god of war becomes.  Alternately, something like a Druid might be more powerful in a large forest than when in a major city.

Mentalism is very similar to Channeling, but you're using your own life-force to manifest magic rather than drawing on a larger pool of separate entities.

Demi-Gods, basically non-divine [can be killed] but very powerful beings, often are Mentalists that learned to draw on the life-force of other living things or Essence users that learned to draw power from beyond our own universe.
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Re: The Science of Magic
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2022, 09:05:00 PM »
From my perspective of my Elemental World.

Magic is thought of as a science, yes.  But magic is an esoteric science.  Essence is manipulating the energies of the world, to be exact.  This "science" is found in the hands of magicians, illusionists, and alchemists -- as well as Elementalists.  Who practice magic in a more specialized way.

Channeling is receiving power magical power from a deity.

Mentalism is channeling your power through your mind to get specific effects.  It's the most sublime way to power.