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Director's Briefing - April 2022

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To the one hundred-and-twenty-ninth Briefing and fourth scheduled Briefing of 2022. The world
continues to suffer the consequences of neoTsarist imperialism; I hope the effects on you and yours
are limited.

We expect to send the HARP Beyond the Veil print masters to Lightning Source this month. We also hope to release HARP Subterfuge in pdf soon.

ERA Software
As we mentioned last time, all of the ERA datasets have been updated with training package
content. These files have been updated on DriveThru.

The next big thing for the ERA software will be the release of Spacemaster Privateer datasets. I
would expect these to start appearing in May, but if they are ready sooner, we will release them as
soon as they are ready.

The artwork for RMU Treasure Law continues to arrive at pace. Colin is organising the artwork for
the first volume of RMU Creature Law.

Our first wave of experiments were successful, so Nick has now embarked on the first layout pass on RMU Arms and Character Law. The layout phase has begun.

Until next time

Please stay safe.
Best wishes,

Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

Does this still mean that RMU will see print this year?

That's still the intention.


--- Quote from: jdale on April 05, 2022, 04:26:39 PM ---That's still the intention.

--- End quote ---

That's great. Is the plan still to publish ArmsandCharacterLaw (or Core book or whatever it is called in the end), Spell Law, Creature Law I, and Treasure Law all at the same time?

I hope we get the 1st book when it is finished so I can start learning the rules already
I dont want to be overwhelmed by 5 books or more at the same time  ;D


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