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Director's Briefing - March 2022


To the one hundred-and-twenty-eighth Briefing and third scheduled Briefing of 2022. How quickly fled February, and how swiftly the tribulations of the pandemic have been overshadowed by the savagery of war.

HARP Beyond the Veil has been safely published in pdf format. If you find any errors (and I know some eagle-eyed fans have caught some), please report them on the forums so that we can fix them ahead of us creating the print masters for softcover and hardcover.

A virtually complete pdf master of HARP Subterfuge now exists and is with myself and Colin for final checking.

Rolemaster Software

Max has been working fiendishly hard on ERA, adding training package content to all of the various relevant datasets. For those of you who have signed up to receive alerts when our products get updated, expect to receive alerts soon on the various files that you will need to update to take advantage of this upgrade.

For those of you who have not signed up to receive alerts, it is worth doing. I cannot see your email address or anything like that so your privacy remains sacrosanct, but whether it is software or our pdf products, being up to date never hurts, and the alerts ensure that you know a refreshed version is available for download at your convenience.

The very last piece of artwork has now arrived for RMU Spell Law. Many artwork contracts have now been issued for RMU Treasure Law, and to our delight, we have already had a number of illustrations completed.

Nick has been undertaking secret experiments to push the limits of what is possible with Lightning Source technology ahead of going for gold on the RMU layouts.

Until next time

Please stay safe.
Best wishes,

Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd


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