Product Category: Rolemaster rules expansion

RMFRP Construct Companion

Construct Companion is a fantasy roleplaying sourcebook on artificial entities and magical machines of every kind. It represents a total revision and unification of the fragmented resources found in previous editions of Rolemaster.

Castles and Ruins

Castles and Ruins is a sourcebook for Rolemaster Standard System and compatible with Rolemaster Fantasy Role-Play. It includes the history of castles, their construction and how they age to become ruins.

RMFRP Character Law

Character Law for Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing doubles your available professions and triples your races and cultures. Enjoy over twenty new training packages along with new skills and skill categories.

RMSS Arcane Companion

In Arcane Companion you get an outline of Arcane magic and guidelines on its implementation, 4 new professions, rules for the acquisition of Arcane magic, 46 spell lists, 4 new spell attack tables and a Spell Failure Table.

RMFRP Arms Law

Arms Law includes 29 individual weapon attack tables, 13 special attack tables, and dozens of critical strikes, and fumbles and can be used with Rolemaster or any tabletop role playing game of your choice.

Rolemaster Quarterly 2

Enhance your Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing game with optional rules and source material including Elementalist training package, spell lists, elemental manipulation, Warrior Priests, NPCs and magic items.

RMFRP 1999 Arms Law

Arms Law expands the combat system from Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing to its full breadth. Attacks from dozens of weapons and animals are all handled differently so that each has a unique feel and flavour.

Rolemaster Quarterly 3

Enhance your Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing game with optional rules and source material including Fighter Schools, The Knights-Errant, War College, Fencing School, Traps, New Monsters, Magic Items.

Rolemaster Companion I

Rolemaster Companion I includes 118 new spells and 31 new spell lists, new professions and races, rules for constructing magical items, new monsters and optional rules for a superfast condensed combat.