Real life critical fumbles – Computing

No matter how many adventures you’ve been on, no matter how many foes you have defeated and no matter how many villages you have saved, everyone has moments when they’re not fully paying attention or when they’re a little too hung over or when they are simply having a bad day.
That’s why fumbles exist, because no one is always at their best. In gaming terms fumbles can happen at any time and lead to you injuring yourself, injuring your friends or aiding your enemies, but fumbling in real life can be no less disastrous and fumbling with computers can lead to lost work, lost money or loss of life.
Computing real life critical fumbles:

01 – 25 Your computer needs to restart. This is mildly annoying but hey, go and grab a snack while you wait
26 – 30 You lose a document that you need -10 to initiative
31 – 40 You lose all your work and have to do it over again. Lose 10 rounds
41 – 50 Get caught up in a twitter argument. Lose 20 rounds
51 – 60 Your favourite RPG manufacturer is having an online sale. Lose half your gold and 5 rounds
61 – 65 Accidentally send an email in which you are very rude about your friend to that friend – 1 friend
66 You accidentally like your ex’s image on social media whilst secretly looking at what they’re up to now -10 initiative, -5 Pr, lose 10 rounds as you sit around and panic about what they will think of you
67 – 70 You forget to check the size of an online purchase and end up with a 355 litre can of soda. Lose 10 rounds thinking about what to do with it and resistance roll against sugar poisoning
71 – 80 Find a new game on the internet and spend 48 hours playing it without sleep – 25 initiative -10 to all skill checks
81 – 85 You get caught out by a phising scam. Lose all your gold
86 – 90 For some reason you attempt physical violence against a machine – 15 hits for punching an inanimate object, -5 to all skill checks due to your inability to focus on anything but the pain in your hand
91 – 95 Your computer spontaneously explodes. B fire critical
96 – 99 After years of problems, one of your neighbours finally has enough of their computer and throws it out the window. Unfortunately you were walking underneath it – 25 hits, C impact critical, prone
100 You mod out your computer a bit too much and it becomes self aware and tricks you into helping it. Within the year humanoid robots are rampaging across the globe destroying all forms of humanity. A small resistance group is hiding out nearby. Unfortunately they know you created these monsters and are out to kill you. The robots are also out to kill you because you are human. Death in 5 rounds