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Gift guide 2020

More so than normal I think everyone could do with a bit of a treat this festive season. That’s why we’ve put together this list of potential gifts for your friends and family. Whether they’re ICE fans, Tabletop Roleplaying gamers or just people that you want to buy something for to say ‘thank you’, this […]

Skin-changers as a HARP race

Werewolves are cool. Everyone knows it. But you know what’s cooler? Werebears (don’t @ me).   I read a lot of myths and legends from all around the world and the vast majority of tales about werebears don’t explain it as a disease like lycanthropy that is passed from one sufferer to another. It is […]

A selection of love spells for HARP

On the evening of the celebration of the Goddess of love a robed figure approaches the party. With a flourish they reveal a small book. A dark red cover without a title and a small latch holding it shut give a foreboding aura to the little book. “A book of love spells” the stranger says […]